Casino and slot machine games

Casino involves many games including playing cards which were first invented by the French in 1387. Casino is a gambling industry which has become one of the biggest businesses in the world. In 1726, The Netherlands had invented the first lottery machine which is still in operation. It was believed that first legal casino was built in Switzerland. Around 1995, many casinos were launched across the world. Online casino also came into existence and the internet gaming business has expanded invariably. Casino is defined as a public room for amusements, especially for gambling. These are purely created for pleasure. During the early history, when casinos are new in the entertainment market, they have provided hours of entertainment and excitement to the people. There is a special fascination in the minds of people about casino games.

Casinos are limited to only certain age group across the world. The games played in the casinos also have a history. Casino games are mainly divided into three categories. Table games, gaming machines, random number games. Dice game was derived from bone rolling, which is the oldest form of gambling from hundreds of years.  Initially, the dice was made from bone and teeth of animals. Cards are also a part of gambling, founded by Chinese. But the cards we are playing today came into existence were introduced by French. The spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts were introduced by them. Poker was played in New Orleans in the 19th century.  The famous slot machine was first invented in California. It changed the style of gambling. These free casino slot games machines which are also called as fruit machines in some countries take 70 percent of the place in casinos.

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